Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sick As A Damn Dog

Like a punch you never saw coming, a killer bug crept up and knocked my ass out with a hard and heavy sinus infection overnight last night. I hit the rack at 5:30 this afternoon and just woke up to eat some black bean soup, down some Emergency-C, take the dog out, and show my loyalty to this here blog before heading back to bed. What I hope will be a brief illness (it's the biggest week of the year for antique shopping and Austin music) made me think of the trend in vintage medical charts over the past few years. A bit creepy to some, but they've been like gold for me at the antique shop (Uncommon Objects), and it's clear how much artistic effort went into these back in the day. Modern ones aren't half this good:


tnovak said...

Speaking of dogs, that is a damn fine one you have there. Get well soon and Roll Tide.

Refueled Sidewalk Surfboards said...

Kick that infections ass...great charts.


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