Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dirty Coast

Having grown up in Northwest Louisiana (Shreveport) and having called New Orleans home for a brief stint (pre-Katrina), there's a huge place in my heart for the Bayou State. It's doubtful I'll ever live there again, but I'll always go back to visit, and I'll always support various causes that might improve it. America's Wetland is my favorite special-interest organization down there, but on the design front, there's a company called Dirty Coast that churns out clever, humorous, and hot-topic t-shirt designs that bring attention to the state of affairs in Louisiana and around the world. Since Gustav just rolled through and was somewhat lenient in his wrath, I thought some of you might want to support a local NOLA business while the Crescent City is still up and running.

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Stash said...

very clever indeed

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