Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hoping to create the perfect escape, my dad and I have been researching various tiny houses over the last year or so. The Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. does a pretty good job of creating traditionally constructed small homes, but it's the custom ones that are really impressive. Check out the "Shack at Hinkle Farm" from Broadhurst Architects and the Love Shack by Smart Shax:


Summer Nicklasson said...

Hey Don,
I love the garage style design of this home. How perfect to have the option of opening up your home if the weather was nice.

I dig your blog. I went to nursing school with your sister Caroline and she turned me on to it. I do believe I will be checking back.
Welcome to blog land!

Refueled Sidewalk Surfboards said...

Super cool, Don old boy! I'll build one right down the road from yours and then we can build one to house our collections.


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