Friday, September 19, 2008

Holy Moscot

So I've never been a big Ray-Ban Wayfarer guy. Too big, kinda clunky, and now ubiquitous from preppy banker to too-cool hipster. I ran across the Moscot glasses company a few years ago but forgot about them until this past weekend in New York. While checking out Earnest Sewn, I spotted a pair of Nebb style Moscot sunglasses and snatched them up immediately. I finally have something to replace my tiny Allyn Scura's. I'm not sure I'll ever need to buy glasses from another company:

p.s. - Kupp (preppy banker), Clayton (preppy politico), Beach (actor extraordinaire), et al, I fully expect a rebuttal on Ray Ban's


CHall said...

First of all, I resent being labeled a preppy politico. Second, the wayfarer is as American as Jack Daniels. I too am sorry it has been hijacked by the Lindsay Hilton & Nicki Dunst's of the world.

Like the Moscot's too.

later - Clayton

Anonymous said...

I wear 'em cuz I like 'em

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