Monday, September 8, 2008

Not Blackstock, Not Griffin, But Letscher

Well, something (maybe having dinner with an obsessive mind tonite) made me wanna feature the autistic and obsessive artist Gregory Blackstock for tomorrow, but I couldn't find the images online that I'd hoped to. Blackstock made me think of folk artist Scott Griffin, but I couldn't find the right images for him either. So, next up in the brain was Lance Letscher, easily one of my favorite artists in Austin and an obsessive who meticulously collects, cuts up, and collages "found" paper goods. By weaving and spiraling and overlapping strips and strands of old books, ledgers, recipes, etc., Letscher creates beautiful, color-focused works that drive me crazy in the best way. If only they hadn't skyrocketed in price over the last few years, I might have myself one of these:

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Lauri Evans said...

Mr. Letscher's work is wonderful! Not being from Texas, let alone Austin, I enjoy seeing the abundance of local talentyou and others post. Keep it coming!
ox lulu

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