Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank You Hamilton

About a week ago David Hamilton of Hamilton Shirts in Houston got in touch with me to ask about one of my blog posts. We ended up firing emails back and forth about various topics, and David ended up turning our little chat into a post about Detour and my take on Texas style and design. You can check it out the Q&A here. Thanks David.

As a return favor, here's some scoop on Hamilton: Founded in 1883 in Houston, the Hamilton family has been crafting some of America's finest dress shirts for more than a century. All are hand cut from double-ply Italian and Swiss fabrics and typically delivered within two weeks. Fully custom. Perfectly fitted. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It's a rarity for me to wear a dress shirt these days, but I'm gonna have to go check these out. They've gotten some serious press.


Thomas E.K. said...

I love your blog and really enjoyed the Q&A. Keep reppin' Texas!

DON WEIR said...

Thx Thomas. And thx for the heads up on the Sartorialist book.

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