Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Dog Neon

I picked up some big neon letters in Canton a couple of months ago, talked to my friend Evan Voyles about where to get them worked on around town, and have since made a few small treks to Lockhart to visit Kirk Tunningley at Big Dog Neon. His shop is in a great old warehouse space - open floor plan, glass tubes everywhere, neon EVERYWHERE, CDs everywhere, The Band constantly playing on stereo. It's a great spot, and he always offers an ice cold IPA in an ice cold pint glass. Pretty perfect. Check it out sometime if you're ever out in Lockhart. And come see the lit up letters at Uncommon Objects.

1 comment:

Nicole V Lozano said...

Interesting to see the the sketches and metal plate for the Pontiac sign in progress during your visit in 2009. It makes my experence just recently of seeing the functioning sign more compelte.

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