Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Very early on in this blogging venture, I mentioned the autistic artist Gregory Blackstock from Seattle. At that point, I couldn't find any decent images to post. Well, I found a few in The Morning News, an online magazine that I'm unable to find out much about. See below - and definitely click on these to enlarge. They're long and Blogger sucks for long images.

When asked how he decides what he'll draw next, Blackstock has said, "My own head. My easiest drawing, I drew eight different axes which I discovered from the old Webster dictionary. There are also the knives; two days ago at the Excalibur Cutlery in the Northgate mall right near my house…I still got a ways to go on those knives. Might get up to 80 or 100 them." Love it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

You might be interested to know that the Seattle Art Museum produced an affordable T-shirt featuring Mr. Blackstock's
"Artist Supplies" drawing. They premiered it in early December, so I'm certain it should still be available. They made both adult and youth sizes and they look great!

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