Tuesday, December 16, 2008

American Workwear via Japan

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my post about the resurgence of the flannel shirt, it's fairly clear now that if you want great looking American workwear clothing, you pretty much have to go to Japan to get it. A couple of days ago, A Continuous Lean (my source for many things sartorial) turned me on to a Japanese store called MAPS that carries some amazing stuff. Only problem is, you have to make a trip to the land of the Samurai to get your hands on the stuff. I'm in the market for a new jacket, so here are a few of the ones I like. I may be taking a trip soon:


--- said...

No need for Japan. Look no further than the fine craftsmanship of your former neighbors in NYC.


Check out Winter '08.

DON WEIR said...

well, that's only half true i think. engineered garments makes a lot of great stuff and sells it in new york, but they also make pieces exclusively for sale in japan, and i like those more than the stateside ones. am i incorrect?

Anonymous said...

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