Monday, April 6, 2009


Gigi Cifali has an interesting story. Trained as a topographer, Cifali spent countless hours staring through a 12-sided viewfinder while documenting the Italian countryside. Bored with simply measuring distance and calculating angles, he bagged the topography job and enrolled at the University of Westminster in 2004 to study photography. The results are staggering. Now specializing in long term, in-depth documentary projects, Cifali has photographed everything from the garbage crisis in his native Naples, the inhabitants of low-income London "tower block" apartments, the flight of young residents in Venice, and my favorite of his subjects, the slow decay of abandoned public swimming pools in the UK. Beautiful photos.


Wally said...

I understand your excitment. Those are really really great pictures!

r. said...

Nicey. Thanks.

Backyard Bill said...

a mazing !!
i love these!

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