Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Drawers, New Life

I'm a sucker for old drawers - usually of the industrial / tool shop / hardware store variety. They tend to have old numbers or writing of some sort on them, and the small ones make for great little containers. Well, the SchubLaden company in Berlin has come up with a more ambitious use for old unmated drawers. They're building new furniture pieces made specifically for the drawers, and the results are a great mix of modern and antique. If I had the space, I'd love one of these - especially the first one.

1 comment:

TexasDeb said...

Seeing ingenious re-use projects like this typically finding me striking my head a la Homer "D'oh!"...and wondering why I never thought to try it.

I want one of these units so much it is making my eyes water.

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