Monday, March 9, 2009


The neo-classical interpretation of a 1920's era board track racing motorcycle that can be pedaled as a traditional bicycle, propelled via engine power, or pedaled with the assistance of engine power. Capable of fuel economy ratings that can exceed 150 mpg, Derringers were specially designed to conform with the legal classification of a motorized bicycle and, in their standard configuration, do not require the motorcycle license endorsement that is necessary to operate scooters and mopeds in most states. One of these may be in my future.


Anonymous said...

notice how there is no price tag to be found on their website....looks like a whizzer to me. wonder how loud they are.

DON WEIR said...


Anonymous said...

High marks for style, but a Yamaha Cube scooter gets over 100 mpg and costs about $1700, And has a good storage trunk (thus cube name I guess)

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