Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Secret Service LA

A Time To Get really nailed it last night with their post on Secret Service LA, a downtown Los Angeles emporium of items right up my alley. Great sign painting on the glass storefront, a Honda Superhawk out front, industrial display pieces, old photos and books, simple American clothing. It's perfect. Like my friend Chris Hooks wrote me this morning, "Seriously, it's kind of like they downloaded your brain into a store. Weird." A trip to LA is in order:

p.s. - these photos were taken with an iPhone. amazing.


Anonymous said...

this had you written all over it.

Anonymous said...

Cool store - the kind of store the lone gunmen might hang out in.

A TIME TO GET said...

Hey man, thanks for the shout. Great site. Next time you're in LA, give me a shout and we'll hit up SS.


DON WEIR said...

will do nick.

- dw

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