Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Matthew Mahon

I've never seen a photographer's site so oddly and brilliantly laid out - interactive in a click, zoom, click some more way. You have to work and be patient and work some more, but that's the point. Do yourself a favor and check out this guy's site - and photos. And make sure and click on the little icons in the bottom corners of some of the pics:


Robbie said...

hey don,
my sister, libba, pointed me to your blog. I've really enjoyed the stuff you've been posting.

Here is a link to our dad's firm's new website. It was done by Brooklyn Digital Foundry. Same type of concept, just a little sure to play around with the layout options:

DON WEIR said...

very cool robbie. it's even more impressive that a "corporate" entity would take such a creative stance with their online presence. awesome.

and thanks for the compliments on my blog. i appreciate it.

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