Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Flannel Is Back

I don't normally do clothing on here, but I'm all about the resurgence of the flannel shirt. Check out these from R by 45 RPM - Japanese geniuses. The Japanese do American better than America:


TuTu's Bliss said...

Oh no!! Have I already lived long enough to see these make a come back?!

noelleMARIE said...

hmmm pretty crazy but you're absolutely right, they do market us far better than we ever could have

Mike Calvert said...

45 rpm Old American Style minus the the Old American Vaules

My wife bought me a shirt from here as she wanted me to look nice for work. But when I found out what it costed i decided that it was way more than I would feel comfortable wearing. They refused to return the money even tho she had just bought it the day before and I'd never even tried it on. I felt it was in really poor taste that they refused my return and without reason. I tried calling the manager and had no luck. I find the store also offensive in that they copy old american goods and play people like john fahey the shop but don't share any of the american values that these things represent to me.

pretty lame if you ask me

now my money is just going to sit with them as i dont have any use for clothing that comes with that type policies behind it, and they dont intend budging for a package i didnt even open.

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