Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Can't Find Shit to Post About!



jellyfishheart said...

come now, that can't be true! not you!

Musings and Ramblings said...

Ha ha that made me laugh! By the way I was in New York for NYE and I went to Cafe Habana all because I saw it on your blog! Loved it!

JMJ said...

Saints or Louisiana Mardis Gras, find your roots dude. Costume designs etc. Jonsey

Sue said...

I think now that you have a title for your blog post, just write about shit! There are many areas of shit you could write about. Good shit, bad shit, what is shit, etc! Just stumbled across your blog and I'm in love with your photos.
Take care, Sue

lulu redstar said...

Hmm...shit...what a deep subject! We all feel your pain! Did you ever check KDai in NYC?

DON WEIR said...

It is true, or was, and god I love Cafe Habana, and costumes no go, and shit, well shit, and no, no I didn't go to KDai.

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