Thursday, October 29, 2009

Me Wants

But of course it's for the Japanese market only. The stuff Lee makes for the U.S. market is, in all honesty, pretty lame. The pieces they make for Europe and Japan, however, are really great looking. I want this jacket:


Chris Brown said...

That is a great looking jacket.

r. said...

Do you know of a specific vendor in Japan?

DON WEIR said...


Unfortunately, I do not. Maybe one day.

- dw

Unknown said...

I'm visiting Tokyo right now. Going by what little I know of you from your blog, you should really be planning a trip here sometime soon. Bring a suitcase full of Americana and you'll pay for your trip =)


DON WEIR said...

Soon enough repentsinner. Not a bad idea a'tall re: suitcase full of Americana.

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