Thursday, June 4, 2009

Uncommon Objects Blog

Founded nearly 18 years ago in Austin, TX, Uncommon Objects is the brainchild of found objects artist and uber-collector Steve Wiman. Featuring a diverse and quirky collection of antiques and oddities from more than 20 dealers, Uncommon Objects houses everything from Victorian jewelry to early 1900's Americana to mid-century furniture and nearly everything in-between. Due to our massive inventory (I say our b/c I'm a dealer at Uncommon), we've never tried to sell online and will probably never have an online storefront, but we're gonna try to post new and noteworthy items on a weekly basis (along with their prices) and see how it works. Check out the new blog, and give us a ring if you're interested in one of the items posted.

Hofnar Cigars Sign - $850 - Vendor Steve Wiman

Clown Shoes - $250 - Vendor Jerry Maffei

Quilt - 1940's - $168 - Vendor Jeanette Bibby

Danish Sofa - $650 - Vendor Max Tibbits

Woven Thread Frames - $85-$95 Each - Vendor Steve Wiman

Rare, Signed Fred Johnson Carnival Banner - $3900 - Vendor Bruce and Julie Webb 9.5 x 5.5 ft

Man and Woman Portraits - $175 Each - Vendor Steve Wiman

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Anonymous said...

i hurd there is someplac called "peebay" of something like that where you can sell stuff on the puter!

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