Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Refueled No. 3

The new issue of Refueled is out. Props to Chris Brown for busting his ass on this thing and to Cheryl Shulke for helping him along the way. Nice work folks. There's a great feature on the new Hotel Saint Cecelia in Austin, beautiful photos by Cari Wayman, a surf journal from Nathan Webster, and much much more - including my interview with Bruce and Julie Webb (starting on page 8) and my review of Bill Callahan's new album (page 96). Check out the complete issue by clicking on the first image below:


mark sage said...


How do I get a subscription to this magazine?

Anonymous said...

really wish you hadnt done that foldout -- gonna have to sell all my deus crap now.

DON WEIR said...

mark, it's online only for now. check it out here: http://issuu.com/refueled/docs/refueled_no._3?mode=embed&layout=documentview

DON WEIR said...

anonymous, say what?

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