Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Filling Up

Over the past several months, Chris Brown has worked tirelessly to put together Issue No. 3 of Refueled Magazine. He announced today that it will hit the streets (or the internet airwaves for now) on Monday. For the new issue, I did an interview with my dear friends Bruce and Julie Webb for the "Collector" section and did a music review on Bill Callahan's latest release, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle, as well. For those of you who have started following Detour since the last issue of Refueled came out, below you will find the interview the magazine did with me about my collecting habits and an article I wrote about one of my favorite bands around - Richmond Fontaine. I'll post the new pieces on Monday.


donna baker said...

Methinks you are a Renaissance man.

TexasDeb said...

Your philosophy of vignettes strikes a chord. The idea of home as gallery is something I've aspired to in various ways for decades, although it is tricky when you share the space with others. I believe it is art to collect and compile and display. Hat's off for finding a way to build that AS your life.

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