Monday, January 5, 2009

Sheep's Wool

So for a while there before the holidays, I was getting ahead of myself and trying to do three posts a day. Too much. I'll probably just do one a day from here on out with the seldom second post tossed in for good measure. Today is one of those days because I've been dying to post this photo I found recently of men sorting sheep's wool. As interesting as it is to see the old process, it's more interesting to me because of what they're wearing - the white guys in fedoras, the black guys in paper boy-looking hats, most of them smoking, all of them in some sort of old workwear. It just seems to capture a time and style in American history in near perfect form. Anyway, here she is:

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J.R. Johansson said...

Well, you definitely accomplished your mission. I love how different your blog looks. The pictures are very cool and I love that chair you posted in the other post. Awesome! :)

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