Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Might Need a New Headboard

So I'm about to head to the print shop to have some images blown up for a little showing I'm doing next month at Bows and Arrows in Austin, and I just came across these massive enlargements used as headboards and backdrops and artwork at a hotel in Greece. I currently have an early 1900's carnival gameboard as my headboard, but that may have to change after seeing these images:

I just found this one at a blog called Made By Girl


Refueled Sidewalk Surfboards said...

The lady with the cigar is so cool.

Anonymous said...

Don, I just discovered your blog and think it's tremendous. I believe our tastes lean in the same direction.
In response to your recent post about your headboard plight, I feel your pain. Two and half years ago, I too was growing rather tired of my - albeit classic - brass headboard and beginning the arduous search for a replacement. After much frustration and deliberation, I finally had an epiphany while muddling through the riff-raff at this quaint swap meet in Bedford, Indiana - an old pine door. I discovered this beautiful 4 paneled door, covered with several layers of mulitcoloured peeling/chipped paint, complete with all the nicks and bruises that come from years of use. It was laying on it's side and that's when everything clicked in my head. I just added some wooded legs to prop it up to the appropriate height, lightly sanded - 400 grit - some of the peeling paint flecks, and added a sealant to prevent further loss.

Lauri Evans said...

Dude, I love your photography that I have seen thus far. I just saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona (amazing) and then saw your stuff. I am jazzed by your outdoor dryer images. I think you are fab.
adoring fan lulu ox

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