Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vancouver Special

Ryan Willms at h(y)r spotted this amazing space at 540 Beatty Street in Vancouver. Photographed by Jessica Bushey. If only Austin had raw spaces like this.


r. said...

Arrgh. I was wondering why that address is so familiar. I work 1/2 block from there, and 540 Beatty has been turned into undersized, overpriced "loft conversion" condos in a bad-but-getting-better neighbourhood.

Click the "view the homes" link on the site that you'd linked to, to see what's become of that inspiring space.

What _is awesome in this neighbourhood is the Sun Tower:

I've never been inside though, so can't comment on what that's like.

I'd imagine that there's actually more raw space left in Austin. Maybe we can go for a tour next time I'm down there.

DON WEIR said...

who's r?

r. said...

Just a guy who stumbled onto your blob a while ago.. Thanks for the posts =)

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