Thursday, August 21, 2008

Headed for the Coast

So, as soon as I start this thing, I pick up and head outta town. I'm jumping on a plane to California in a couple of hours and will be meeting up with friends in LA for a road trip to San Francisco and the celebration of my 31st b-day at the Outside Lands Music Festival. I can't wait to document my drive, and I'm psyched to revisit a couple of my favorite shops in San Fran. One in particular is Aria - a small but perfect little oddity shop on Grant Avenue. Last time I was there I snapped a few pics of the heads in the window. Check it out if you're ever in San Fran:


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Don. BTW, those shirts are your signature style. Have fun and bring back goodies for the shop!

Lauri Evans said...

Hi! Miss Theresa Cano put you on her blog... Loved reading your comments on Chris Brown's blog and seeing your tres cool stuff in Austin!
Have fun in favorite city!
xo lulu

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